PitchCar Mini

I heard about this game a year ago, and decided that one day I would have to try it out.  PitchCar Mini is the smaller version of the original PitchCar.  It might seem at first to be a boys game or maybe a guys game, yet I defy a female to turn down playing this game and beating the guys or having a race with the girls.

I gave away my electric slot cars, it was a space consuming, time consuming hassle to setup, and then I could only race one other person at a time.  I like racing games and the excitement of slot cars.  What I needed was something that was everything slot cars were not.  Enter PitchCar.

PitchCar is all about racing cars, and it does it in the simplest way, you flick small wooden tokens of race cars around a wood and plastic track, trying to be the first to complete three laps.  That is all it is.

Yet despite the simplicity it brings out a competitive streak in players that just is not present in any game I have ever played.  Whether it is guys against the girls, children vs adults, this game has a timeless quality of yesteryear.  You feel like a kid immediately, you get the instant feel of slot cars without the hassle.  And yet it has an appeal to those who don’t naturally like slot cars, it is a bit like playing a game of Pool with a few friends over drinks.

The game comes with a number of interlocking track segments made up of laminated wood with plastic guard rails, plus 8 wooden car counters.  The pieces are enough to make a number of different track layouts, expansions are available to give larger and more varied tracks.

This is not the cheapest game in the world, on sale at NZ$99 up to NZ$120 for the base set, and much more for the full size game.  Yet it is a game which will be played again and again.  No batteries required, just some fancy finger work and a pinch of the sort of strategy you get in Pool.

The skill level is simple dexterity, you can quickly figure out how to efficiently flick, the rules are a simple 4 sentences long.  We had a game setup in 2 minutes and read the rules in another, starting to race after 3 minutes from opening the box.

You can buy a copy from Mighty Ape or rent a copy (as we have) from Board Game Rentals.

Great if you have kids over, a very fun game for an adult party (not sure the beer or wine improved my driving), or use it as family bonding time.  You could even team race for more fun.


Game type:                   Family / Party filler

Mechanism / Skill:    Dexterity

Number of Players:   2-8

Playing Time:              10-30 minutes

Ages:                               6-100

Ease of Play:                 5 / 5

Ease of Setup:               5 / 5

Ease of Learning:        5 / 5

Fun Factor:                   5 / 5



2 thoughts on “PitchCar Mini

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  2. Great review and a great web site. Gordon very happy to provide the rental games and I hope you have the time to play the others. Looking forward to some more reviews.

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