Here is a list of useful links if you are interested in modern boardgames.

No matter where you are in the world, whatever you want from boardgaming, a great place to start is BGG (Boardgame Geek).  BGG is a massive forum and database, full of information and reviews, forums to discuss games or gaming, and much more.  There is also an area for New Zealand gamers.  It is free to join, and has many features not found anywhere else.


BGG NZ Forum


Podcast News & Reviews

The Dice Tower Network

This site takes you to a network of podcasts and resources organised by Tom Vassel, a prolific gamer.  A great siet if you are serious about gaming or want to here thoughts about gaming.  The flagship is the The Dice Tower Podcast, while other podcasts are now involved in the same network with more specialized podcasts.

The How To Play Podcast

Part of the Dice Tower Network, this has useful audio reviews aimed at instructing play.


The science behind the games, geeky fun.


Buying in New Zealand

There are a number of New Zealand retailers with online stores.  If you are a retailer in NZ and would like yours added please contact us.

Seriously Board

The Game Gate

Mighty Ape   (used by Pixel Park  the major NZ game distributor)

Edutainment Games

Board Game Rentals NZ  (Rent board games or buy them, great service.  Peter has supported us at our school holiday program.)

Kakariki Games  (Designers and sellers of ‘Cloak of Protection’)

The Games Depository


Online Game Play

Board Game Arena – Play lots of different games against real people.


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