Battlestar Galactica – Tough start 10 March 2012

It was a great evening for gaming, I had the evening off work and  I was all set to play Battlestar Galactica.  Being such a big game it needs time to play, so tonight was a special night.

The players were new and old faces, all of us in the 30+ bracket.  Ann & I, Sonna-Ra, long-time-no-see Terence who had a workmate gamer called Petr from Hungary, and lastly new face Adam.  Adam, Terence and Peter had not played before, though all are experienced gamers.

We randomly selected characters, I re-drew to give some balance.  Sonna-Ra was Laura, the President, Ann played Admiral Adama, Adam was Gaius Baltar, Terence was The Chief, Peter was Apollo, and I took Starbuck to balance us up.

The game started innocent enough for the first crisis card, which failed, and I was looking at the four players who draw Yellow cards as 3 appeared in the vote.

I was 5th to play, and at the end of my turn we now had two massive Cylon attacks all around us.  Civilian ships looked to be dead meat, Apollo had sacrificed himself in his Viper to slow things down and ended in Sick Bay.  We were in trouble.

Next Ann as the Admiral launched a nuke that bought us some time, severely damaging a Cylon Base Star.  With the FTL damaged from the attacks and the Jump almost ready it was up to the Chief to get us fixed, jumping us out of trouble.

We had a brief respite, made two more small jumps, watching our resources slowly dial back towards the red, notably Morale and Population.  A Cylon Base Star attack was dealt with by having a well timed Jump ready.  Yet we were still dogged by failing many Crisis Checks, there was a spate of more yellow cards, and some blue and purples.

Add to all this we had the President Laura go into the Brig as a Crisis card option, Apollo took over being Admiral when the Admiral went into the Brig.  All up it was confusing and hard to trust anyone.  I was very unsure of our new President and Admiral, and Gaius was just worrisome, sometimes maybe too helpful.

It took us 2 1/2 hours to get to halfway and the second loyalty card.  I was still Human, I was unsure about the others, although our President Chief got the Sympathiser and because we had dials in the red he went to the Brig.

With the Adama, The President Chief, and Laura in the Brig at once it was an interesting situation.  Our President kept heckling Adama to reveal as a Cylon.  I was unsure.  The yellow cards kept bothering me, Adama could not yellow cards.

We got everyone out as we made a big jump of 3 getting us to 8 jumps.

At this point it was late.  I turned over the Crisis cards until we would have made the next jump and apart from a cylon Base Star appearing, it was highly improbable that we would have failed, even if our Cylons revealed themselves.  So we called it a night, I was happy to call it a victory.  It turned out that Gaius and Adama were our Cylons.  Adama had spent some time in the Brig so had not hurt us beyond the first 2 jumps being small, and Gaius had sabotaged enough of our resources through failed Crisis Checks that it would have been a narrow victory.







One thought on “Battlestar Galactica – Tough start 10 March 2012

  1. And while Gaius was a Cylon from the get-go, he never played any yellow cards to sabotage any crisis checks in the whole night as that would have been way too obvious – although someone else did play a yellow which put the suspicion in my direction anyway – go figure. Damned if you do – damned if you don’t!! All the same, a great game had by all.


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