Kapiti Boardgamers is an informal group of families and individuals who meet regularly to play modern boardgames.  We are based in Raumati South, Paraparaumu, just North of Wellington, NZ.

Members supply a wide assortment of games suitable for family or more serious play.

The group is organised by Ann Mackenzie and Gordon Roach.

We have started running several gaming days at the Paraparaumu Public Library over the school holidays which has been well received.

Gaming at the library.

We have also joined forces with the Kapiti College student gaming group and the Kapiti Wargamers for a games meeting once a month at the college library.

Games regularly played by our group include;
Acquire (1962)
Agricola (2007)
Airlines Europe (2011)
Alhambra (2003)
Arkham Horror (2005)
Bananagrams (2006)
Battlestar Galactica (2008)
Betrayal at House on the Hill (2004)
Bohnanza (1997)
Carcassonne (2000)
Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers (2002)
Carcassonne: The Castle (2003)
Carcassonne: The City (2004)
Carson City (2009)
Chateau Roquefort (2007)
Clue Suspect (2010)
Condottiere (1995)
Cuba (2007)
Dixit (2008) & Dixit 2 (2010)
Dominion (2008) with expansions
Doom: The Boardgame (2004)

Forbidden Island (2010)
The Gauntlet (2010)
Guillotine (1998)
Hey, That’s My Fish! (2003)
Leaping Lillypads (2011)
Lord of the Rings (2000)
Lost Cities (1999)
Memoir ’44 (2004)
Monopoly Deal Card Game (2008)
No Thanks! (2004)
Pandemic (2008)
Power Grid (2004)
Ra: The Dice Game (2009)
Race for the Galaxy (2007) with expansions
Red November (2008)
The Resistance (2009)
Risk (Revised Edition) (2008)
Risk: The Lord of the Rings (2002)
Saboteur (2004)
Scotland Yard (1983)
The Settlers of Catan (1995) with expansions
The Settlers of the Stone Age (2002)
Stone Age (2008)
Stratego (1947)
Thunderstone: Dragonspire (2011)
Ticket to Ride (2004)
Torres (1999)



6 thoughts on “About

  1. hi. I have a new card game Cloak of Protection, which is just launched and is playing really well in the Kapiti Coast. Would love you to have a look, and maybe a play?

  2. hi Gordon
    Shall I come to one of your sessions at Valhalla (ie Sunday 15 April)? Or are you having sessions at the Paraparaumu library these holidays? As they are purchasing a copy.

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