Board Gaming at Xmas Hols, day 2

With slightly fewer people, about 12 yesterday, we battled on.  There were a number of highlights for me, one was having Matt from work turn up as a first time newb, where he quickly settled in with Dominion, then everything else that came his way.  It was great to see Peter H. who I always am pleased to see, first teaching me the finer points of Dominion Hinterlands (he is a Dominion master in my mind), and then in a game of Battlestar Galactica.

Peter Nobles shop was to tempting for some of us and he had a slightly lighter load to take home, thanks Peter.

Which brings me to the highligh of the 2-days, a massive 5hr Battlestar Galactica Game with 6-players.  It went as BSG does, from disaster to disaster.  So bad in fact that about 2hrs in we lost to Centurions boarding, so we decided to ignore that result as it was by the worst luck imaginable, and did a Dallas TV show trick and woke from our dream to find it was not that bad, LOL.  Things went in the worst roller-coaster ride of any game, with fate and dice, plus great table talk, making us laugh and cringe, frustrated by the cruelty of the game.  It was won in a dasterdly dirty affair that will probably be remembered for the controversy for a long time.  Cylons won.

So if you missed days 1 or 2, check out day 3 this coming Saturday the 5th January, 1pm start until late.

BGX2-1 BGX2-3 BGX2-4


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