Gaming Over The Xmas Holidays

icon-gamesI have a couple of days off work and the family are all in the USA on holiday. Fancy playing some boardgames with a great view of the sea, eat, drink, and pass the day and evening playing some games.  This is at my place in Raumati South, Paraparaumu.  It is a great if you are holidaying or living here, or its not far away by car or train from the city (can arrange a pickup from the train).

I am planning to offer this on the 28th & 29th December, plus the 5th January.

I have a good collection (it will be much bigger when the family return from the USA).

Bring some snacks and refreshments to share and just relax and enjoy yourself.  Very close to the beach, you can even take a break for a beach walk.


Interested? Its about some relaxed fun at a great location. RSVP and lets have a great day/night.


2 thoughts on “Gaming Over The Xmas Holidays

  1. Ahoy Gordon,

    Will try to make it to one of the events, although I am working on those days, and can get up to Kapiti around 5PM. If you plan to finish around that time, just let me know, so I won’t travel in vain 🙂


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