A Xmas Games Shopping List

The nice people at Board Game Geek have helped us all out with a shopping list for the Christmas gift giving season.  They have made it easy if you are unsure with a great and simple guide to gifts.

You can check it out here.

Edit:  Another BGG list.   This is a more extensive array of ideas and worth the look.

I would like to add some others from my own gaming this year.

Takenoko is a great family game that looks cute and plays like a great family strategy game.  It may have pastel colours yet I just enjoy this simple play and fun nature.  Not a gateway game, yet it is light and easy to play.

Cartagena is another simple and fun game.  Depending on where you get it from there are two variants, both play the same. This will get you thinking and again great family fun.  Light and easy to play.

Lastly the little game Tsuro, a simple and short game where some thought and luck will have you playing this game again and again.  This game is very light and fun.

If you are shopping for something Kiwi and unique, say for someone overseas, perhaps Cloak of Protection by local Jill Hemming might be good for a play or the coffee table as the artwork is a taste of our beautiful NZ bird life.

If you have thoughts about other great for Xmas let me know.


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