A Great Gaming Weekend Away – In Hamilton!

Over the weekend of 10-11 November, if you were organised, David from Seriously Board ran the third Board Games by the Bay (BGbtB) event in Hamilton.  This was the first time the event was held in Hamilton, and given the proximity to many gamers I was looking forward to a great turnout.

The venue was near perfect, the Hamilton Bridge Club.  Nice easy access and great parking, great lighting, and a nice kitchen which Ann and I used extensively.  The tables may have been plastic and slightly small, yet they had a great corduroy cover and could be grouped together to make the size you needed.

Well into the gaming.  And there was lots.  I did not get to play any of the games I had wanted to on my list except my prototypes.  I had a couple of fun games of Takenoko, a game of growing bamboo and a panda eating it which was very cute and a rather good game.  There were a couple of others that did not rate a mention.  The rest were games I either spent teaching or some of my favourites like Cuba and Carson City.

I think Carson City gave me the best game experience of the weekend.  It was the most aggressive and funny worker placement game ever.  I own the game and have had great experiences with it, yet this was the best by far as we laughed and joked about how the game was unfolding.

I would also like to thank the many guinea pigs that helped testing Ebb & Flow, your input was valuable, and the ideas we discussed very helpful.

Ann got to play a game of real interest to her, Tzolk’in-The Mayan Calender game.  Thanks to Jason & Juliet for getting this back from Essen along with many other games they shared with us all.

I would like to thank those who helped with my doco.

If I had a complaint about the weekend, it was more a disappointment.  It was sad to see so few locals relative to people who had traveled a great distance.  There was probably 10 of us from the Wellington region alone, then a group from Palmerston North, another from Nelson, plenty from Tauranga and Auckland and even further north.  I know of many other Hamilton gamers and it was sad to not see a better representation from the locals.

For some more pictures see here. Video footage will be part of the upcoming doco.


2 thoughts on “A Great Gaming Weekend Away – In Hamilton!

  1. Yes you’re right, I have been pushing for the locals to attend, through the several channels by which we keep in touch, but there weren’t many there. I was hoping to meet a few new Hamiltonians to invite to our group, but everyone I talked to seemed to be from out of town. So I am very grateful for all the out of towners who came to Hamilton and made it such a great event! I was a bit nervous not many would show up (after I pestered David to hold one in Hamilton) and I think it was a great success! Except in attracting locals, as you pointed out. There were perhaps 10 from our group who attended, there should have been more (there may have been others I did not know who attended). That said, there were a couple of Hamilton folks who haven’t made one of our regular meetings for a while, so that was great. And our group has been shrinking slightly recently – people come and go…

  2. A couple of Hamiltonians here, had a great time and met some great people. We tried to rope some of our friends in on the action but no luck. This time of year it gets increasingly difficult booking out a weekend with all the ‘end of year’ parties and work events going on.

    Thanks to everyone that taught us new games, the ticket price is worth it for the game library alone!

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