Board gaming a birthday

Yesterday, the 9th was my birthday.  Like last year I decided to invite people around and play board games.

For some this might seem strange, yet those here felt it was a great way to pass the day and celebrate.  We played a wide array of games over 10 hours, had about 16 people at peak time, from the young to us more mature folk.  I would like to thank everyone who came and helped make my day special, sitting down and chatting while playing some great games with friends and family, sharing some very funny moments, a few tragic losses, and just your company made my day.


Peter has an idea in Pandemic.  We lost by one turn.



Hunters & Gatherers starts.



All birthdays need a cake, this was my amazing carrot cake, no crumbs remained on the day.



Jill and I after testing my latest game prototype.


For those considering what to do on your birthday, consider a board games event, it is always fun with fellow gamers.


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