Goodbye Tom, and thanks for all the blue cheese and games.

It was a sad day today, our close friend and a part-time gamer passed last Thursday.  Today we sent him off with a great tribute at St. Marks in Raumati Beach.

Tom was more than a great friend, and more than a pal for movies, food and the odd game.  For Ann and me he came to be a part of our family and a father-like figure.  Tom led an amazing life, had an incredible intellect, and a passion for things being done right, for justice and peace.  He was a very social animal, who enjoyed quiet reflective moments.

On the gaming front, he was a great fan of Carcassonne and Dixit.  With his Latin he translated Dixit for us into ‘he said’, and he revelled in the creation of cryptic clues and the decoding of ours.

Thankyou for your life and love you shared with us.  This world is richer for your life lived fully.


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