A great weekend of gaming with new games & old

This last weekend was a great weekend for gaming for us.  I got in plenty of games, many new, plus got to play with some great people.

Saturday night we popped in to see Peter at the Board Game Rental monthly evening, where I got many new games played.  The group is a good mix of people, and with the help of Eric we got into 3 solid games after the warm-up. We started with Kingdom Builder, my brand new copy that now got its first play.  I knew this might be an OK intro or gateway game, however we all quickly realised that there was much more to this very simple game which I won.  Look forward to a review next week.

Next we played Elder Sign, another game that had arrived 2-days before.  Eric had his copy on hand so we set it up and he showed us the ropes.  I have to say I really did enjoy this, lots happening, good cooperative game with all the feeling of the original board game.  We faced Cthulhu, and after a hard battle, which my character took a beating until near the end, we finally defeated.

After this I had my first game of Can’t Stop, a classic dice rolling, push-your-luck game that saw my reckless dice rolling succeed against the odds.  Another thumbs up for this game.

I managed to get some video footage for the on-going doco I am making, so this continues to step forward.

Sunday saw us at the Kapiti College Library, where in our monthly meeting we join up with the college students and some local wargamers.  I played in Lords of Waterdeep, and with little luck I pulled off an amazing victory that had a close finish.  I followed this up with Kingdom Builder for another win as we explored this new game.

So if you missed out on us this weekend you missed a great time, and I hope to catch you next game.



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