A Great Days Gaming

Yesterday was a great days gaming at Kapiti College and at our evening meeting.  I can only apologised for not having the camera with us.

At 1pm at the Kapiti College Library, one of our larger groups gathered for a gaming bonanza.  Marcus rand a Battleground card game, I missed a busy game in the corner with a role-play look run by Luke.

I started out warming up an expanding group with Martian Dice, before breaking into many other games.  Guillotine for Sarah and Natalie, Forbidden Island for Adam and his boys, While another group of boys helped by Ann started on The Settlers of Catan.  Downstairs I set up Two families and children playing Zooloretto, while I got a game of Lords of Waterdeep under way.  Terence also ran a game of Dominion (which was won by a single point).  I came second in Lords of Waterdeep because I forgot to play a mandatory quest on the last turn, so Adam finished a 25pt quest and was ahead by 11pts.  Keiran scored the best Zoo management in Zooloretto, his Dad needs some lessons from him.  Ann also ran a game of Saboteur upstairs.

With all that under our belt, we continued that night with more games, the main game was another Lords of Waterdeep, which Louie won, Sonna-Ra came in second.  Terrence creamed us in a game of Dominion, which he won by only 1pt from Laura in a very high scoring game.

So if you did not make it yesterday you missed out on some great gaming, and it was fantastic to see so many families and younger people playing such a diverse range of games.

Another meeting at the College is set for later in the month, so check our meeting times and come along for a great days gaming.


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