Posted in August 2012

Elder Sign is played on Table Top

Wil Wheaton and crew have just posted their latest video, Elder Sign.  Set in a the mythic horror world of H.P. Lovecraft, this is a co-op dice game based on the original Call of Cthulhu game, and makes for a much shorter game. This game just arrived in my mailbox yesterday, so the timing was … Continue reading

Gaming at Kapiti College this Sunday

Hi, come join us at the Kapiti College Library this Sunday, 1pm-4pm and play some great games and meet some great people. This is a fantastic family friendly place, gamers of many ages.   Hope to see you there.  The weather forecast is not good for outdoor activities, so what better way to spend Sunday … Continue reading

TableTop plays ‘Say Anything’

TableTop plays ‘Say Anything’

Wil Wheaton tackles this party classic, when he invites a few of his geekiest friends over for a game.  With a little adult humour, this settles into a game of laughs and getting to know one another. Check it out.

Gaming Sunday Night

Hi all, just a quick reminder that gaming at our house is on Sunday night from 6pm. No new games this week, I may have a bundle for our next meeting however. Hope to see you then,   Regards, Gordon

A Great Days Gaming

Yesterday was a great days gaming at Kapiti College and at our evening meeting.  I can only apologised for not having the camera with us. At 1pm at the Kapiti College Library, one of our larger groups gathered for a gaming bonanza.  Marcus rand a Battleground card game, I missed a busy game in the corner with … Continue reading