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Games night Sunday 1st July

It is the first Sunday of the night, and that means games night. See you at our place, Rosetta Rd, 6pm. Probably have a Lords of Waterdeep game running, and maybe a Castles of Burgundy. Another interesting new game is Ticket to Ride India or Switzerland, both have interesting variations on normal play that makes … Continue reading

My Last Games With Nana

I have had many board gaming experiences, yet none have ever truly moved me to tears of joy until this weekend.  This last weekend gave me an experience and opportunity of a lifetime, one that I will surely never repeat, at least in my Grandmothers lifetime. This last weekend I took time away from work … Continue reading

TableTop does Castle Panic

TableTop does Castle Panic

Wil Wheaton has episode #6 of his board game series up, and its all about Castle Panic.  As usual he has some cool friends and geeks over to enjoy this great cooperative game. Click here to see it all.

Update 17th June 2012

It has been a very busy week on the home front here, enough that I have taken 1 week off the blog as real life has encroached.  That said, we have continued to game onwards. On the down side, my Grandmother is not in good health, so much so it may be time for a … Continue reading

A Big Days Gaming On Sunday 10th June

A Big Days Gaming On Sunday 10th June

Yes, its a double feature again. Kapiti College Library from 1-4:30 PM. Our group meet at our house on Rossetta Rd from 6PM (call us for details for first timers on 04 9043663 or Text 0220788308). We have a few new games from Wellycon as well, a Ticket To Ride India & Switzerland expansion plus … Continue reading

Wellycon 2012, the memories

I have made a page up recalling Wellycon 2012 as I saw it, plus added 5 pages of photos (about 100 all up). Click here for the Memories. Click here for the start of the photo album. . I hope you enjoyed the weekend, and if you missed out you can see what you missed … Continue reading

Wellycon 2012, Intro Video

I have completed a rough cut of the first part (Intro) of my doco into board gaming in NZ.  I shall be trimming it up some more.  It might be a little wordy, yet I feel it is my trip to my Mecca and I want to capture that.  It is made up of a … Continue reading

General Update

Having arrived home from Wellycon, my old PC which was about to be replaced by the new machine in the boxes on the lounge floor, decided to go to its death. Luckily I have backups and had started the preparation to migrate, which is what is happening now.  I am probably 90% up and running … Continue reading