Another Games Night at Peter’s

It was the weekend before Wellycon, which make it just last Sunday.  Having had a great time on our last trip we decided to return.

The weather was packing it in, and I had managed a day on an early shift so we could get into town.  Having decided to have tea first, we found ourselves early and decided to check out a hot doughnut and pineapple fritter at the local F&C.  So armed with calories we got to Peters place.

We had 10 of us, one more than last time.  A game was already just started when we arrived, the card game Rivals For Catan run by gamesmaster Eric, so I pulled out Tsuro and we had Carol, Pete (the other Peter not to be confused with Peter our host who also responds to Pete), Ann and myself.  Rob arrived and he knew a good game when he saw one, so round #2 had 5 of us.  Round #3 we dropped back to 3 players.  The game was quickly picked up, and we soon had some very clever plays, probably the most memorable was Ian who managed to not only get out of a tight corner he was being boxed into, he managed to double back and across the board into clear air in a monster move.  The competition was intense.

With everyone now warmed up we pulled out the main events, Eric had Lancaster and I had Lords of Waterdeep, a game Peter was keen to try.  Both games are on the lighter side with meeple placement.

Lords of Waterdeep had 5 players, Peter and I are not in the pics as we were taking them.  After a quick explanation we started out into the game.  A slow start as resources and options did not quite fire up, yet I could tell from experience that this was going to explode mid game.  Ann started building many buildings, Peter was busy gathering what he needed as we discussed the game, Pete quietly gather cards and resources, his plans were forming and he would probably do well.  Carol was in uncharted game waters, and it was good that by mid-game she was settled in.

The game as I expected proceeded to play out with a few questions more on Intrigue card play than anything else, all the players came to grips with it quickly.  To cut a long story short, about mid game the lead had changed lots of times, and the points spread was 20 points.  However, that was soon to change.

Peter now started coming out with some clever play and a pinch of luck, and in the last few turns piled on the points.  Not to be out done, Ann, Pete and I pulled it back some, yet we could not stop Peter pulling further ahead.  In the final points score Peter revealed more bonus points, Ann also had a good bonus.  Peter the victor first game, Ann second, Pete and myself tied for third, and Carol had fun getting more points than she thought she would.

No idea on the Lancaster score, so here are some mid-game pics.

A large card game of somebodies farm took place while Ann and I explore Zertz.  We both preferred DVONN.

The evening ended with Peter, Eric, Ian and ourselves having a rather deep in philosophical look at gaming, ourselves in gaming, where it started for us, growing the hobby, business, and so much more.  Some classic moments with many gold nuggets of our experiences.  It could only have been improved on with a reflective wine or beer, a perfect evening finish which gave me more insight into these great people.

See you all at Wellycon.


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