This Weeks Update

This week has been a very busy one with extra days at the real world job.  However, gaming is underway, and so is the blog.  So what is on the menu?

Sunday saw our day at Kapiti College, lots of great gaming happening there.  Check our Meetings section for the next time.

Yesterday was the DVONN review, which is worth a look at if you are wanting simple, ageless, 2-player strategy, ideal for the coffee table at home or cafe.

Next up I will post the third part of my Wellycon series, which I shall post tonight.  It has my plan for the weekend, games I want to play or share/teach.  Check out the first two (#1 & #2) if you are going to Wellycon as well.

Friday or Saturday I shall post a review of The Lords of Waterdeep, a very popular game here right now.  So far this is my pick for 2012, and the review takes a very in-depth look at the game.

Saturday night Ann and I will be visiting Peter Noble and his gaming group in Wellington, so I shall try and get the camera there and make a report of what should be a great evening.

So stay tuned, check out recent updates, and happy gaming.


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