An Afternoon Gaming @ Kapiti College

A great day was had at the college library, 29 or 30, I lost count, showed up and gaming was everywhere.  A large multi-player ACW in 25/28mm, a roleplay, and 4 tables of board games.

There was two big board games being run, Thane ran Mansions of Madness, an epic game of monsters and sanity.  By all accounts fun was had, even if the monsters overwhelmed our brave heroes.

I ran a game of Lords of Waterdeep, and what a game it was.  Lots of Intrigue cards, lots of quests, and a great run to the finish line.  The 4 new players loved this game, it is proving popular with young and older alike.

I next ran Tsuro, and this was again very well received, its just one of those games you can easily pick up and play.  Dragons were quickly flying through the skies, some rather well, and some not so well.  In subsequent games everyone was doing well, and the game became very close right up to the last few tiles.


Then I ran DVONN with a twist, we played it as a team game, three a side.  With Ann leading one side, and I the other, we  played out a real thriller, and the teens enjoyed the challenge and trying to nut out the game and the other side.

Other games played included Alhambra, Forbidden Island, and a few others I missed out on catching up with.

If you were not there you missed out, and it is great to see the diversity and numbers always growing.

Check our Meetings for our next games afternoon at the college.


Our games at our house tonight had a table of Small World and another of Lords of Waterdeep, this time all adult players and a couple of new players to the game.  It was close fought all the way to the end, with me losing on the last round as Bruce blocked me with a nasty little quest he forced on me.  Grant won, and deservedly so for some very clever plays of Intrigue cards.




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