A Quick Fun Night

With people on time commitments tonight we managed to squeeze in a game or two.

The young crowd arrived first, so they choose to crack open Lords of Waterdeep with me and we had a great first game. I had previously read the rules, yet even so the game played very easily straight out of the box, the simplicity of it all worked well, the choices kept us all very involved and competitive.  I can see why they call this a gateway resource management game, yet it has enough depth to satisfy seasoned gamers it appears.

In the other room Guillotine got an outing and Dominion, the last was fiercely competitive and our youngest player came second.

Michaela and I opened up DVONN, a rental from Board Game Rentals, and this was an amazing little game.  I lost three times to Michaela in rapid succession.  This is a very neat little abstract strategy game, one I will be playing more of this week.


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