Reminder for Wellycon 2012

For those who don’t know, and for those who do and have not yet got organised,  Wellycon 2012 is nearly here.

Wellycon takes place in Wellington on Queeens Birthday weekend, June 2nd & 3rd, at Massey University campus on Tasman St.

Wellycon is the largest board game gathering in NZ by far, numbers of attendees last year was 250-something, so it is truly big.  You can go for an afternoon, a day, or come hang out for 2 days, 12-hours a day!

Wellycon is a very affordable time out gaming, you need only bring yourself, some favourite games if you want, and the intention of having a fun time.

For our family this is our 3rd Wellycon.  Each year it grows and gets better.  There are so many people, so many games, it is not hard to enjoy yourself with new people over a new game or a classic.  With the latest games, you can try them out, and maybe buy some.  With classic games it is all about the experience of playing with different people.

All though our car is full for the 2-days, I would like to help others get there.  One way is to carpool, find out who wants to go and who can share the ride.  Contact me through this site if you are interested in going and if you have spare seats.

This is not an event you want to miss, even if you just go for a day.

For more details go here.


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