A Night Out Gaming

Saturday night we had two invites out, one to a house warming, the other to Peter Noble (aka Mr Board Game Rentals) in Happy Valley.  Having arranged an early finish to work we set off for a great night.

Skipping to the the gaming part of our night, there was nine of us of varying ages, a diverse bunch all intent on some fun.  Gathered around the large dinner table we warmed up with a game of Dixit Oddessey, a game able to handle up to 12 players.  This game did not start well for me, I managed to make up ground up and into third place near the end, alas my deductive reasoning and guessing skills failed me letting me slip back into the pack.  Ann had the reverse fortune.  The winner was Peters young son.

Having worked up to something meatier, we split into two groups, I ran Cuba while Ann went to play three other games including Turn the Tide, Through the Desert, and another that has slipped her mind.  On the Cuba table I played with Peter, Harry and Pete.  The game was keenly played, with the lead swapping until near the end when I came from way back and stole the game end.  It was great to share this rarer game which is very thematic and engaging.

This is a night I will look to repeat, both with Peter’s group and look to visit another group based in Wellington.  Ice breaks quickly between strangers over a game or two, and I was happy to meet everyone and share a game or two.  There are other gaming groups in Wellington, I shall look to list the details on our site some place.  It can be a great night out, have a bite to eat and/or drink, then meet new people and play interesting games.

So I hope you can come to Welly Con where you can meet some of these groups and join us in visiting them for a great night out.


PS – I finally succumbed to temptation and Peter sold me The Lords of Waterdeep, so perhaps that will be on the menu next week for games night here.


2 thoughts on “A Night Out Gaming

  1. Gordon it was great to have you and Ann join us in a very enjoyable gaming evening. Cuba was a pleasure to play and one that I’m seriously considering adding to the rental library.

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