A Great Day @ Kapiti College Gaming

As the last Sunday of April, with the weather doing the four-seasons-in-a-day thing, Ann, Michaela and I spent the afternoon at the Kapiti College Library gaming and socializing.   For those who have not been, this is a great family friendly gathering to meet friends and play games of all types.

Thane Maxwell, a teacher at Kapiti College, started the group several years ago as an extension of a wargaming group held during the week.  Then as a member of the local Kapiti Wargamers with Steve Sands and others, we joined them to create a larger gaming group which also included role-playing games.  Last year I extended this to bring in more board games as well.  The group is now a very diverse one,, with members often crossing to playing wargames, board games or role playing as they feel each month.

For me it is a perfect place to hide out, indulging all my gaming passions in one place with my family and some other family groups.  The last two meetings have numbers from 26-just over 40 players, aged from 8 to us, well, eh… more seasoned gamers.

Check out our Meetings page to get dates for more gaming times.

Lastly, I forgot my good camera, so you will have to put up with the cheap backup I had which managed to catch some of the fun we all had.

Small World kept 5 gamers bashing each other up.

Playing Doom is not for the feint hearted.

Space can be a dangerous place.

Two young aspiring Generals contemplate the battle at Austerlitz.

Building a garden in Alhambra sometimes requires a few tips, yet sometimes we have to learn from our children who do surprisingly well (in her first game she did better than I did in my first game of Alhambra!).

Part of the downstairs gaming in full swing.

Role-playing is always popular from swords and magic to sci-fi.

When virus and flu outbreak you better call for help.  Today we got lucky and won easily with some careful discussion and smart thinking (some major luck did not hurt either).


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