Board Gaming TV and a Review

If you are into board games, which is why you are reading this, then you can now watch a YouTube show about it.  For those of us old enough to remember Star Trek Next Generation, then the host is Wil Wheaton who played Wesley Crusher.

This is a fortnightly production with a high production standard, where Wil invites a group of friendly geeks to play a game.  The first game is Small World by Days of Wonder.  Wil is a fantastic host and compere, light and competitive banter that informs you about how the game is played and playing choices.

It is well worth a look, great light entertainment even if you play Small World.  Actually I ordered Small World after this.  Click here to get to the website.

Next I have posted a review of PitchCar Mini, a fantastic game for all ages where fun is all you want.  See it in our Reviews section.

Have a great Easter,

Gordon & Ann


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