Update and Meeting Reminder

First up the next meeting is 1st April, that is tomorrow.

March Review

March was a very busy month for us as a group, we had a massive group on the first meeting with 16 players.  I managed to have a special game night where we played ‘Battlestar Galactica’ for a big game night.  At the Kapiti College meeting there was a large number of gamers playing all sorts of things including three tables of boardgames.





Daria and Ann discuss how to stop the spread of disease in Pandemic at the college.









A great crowd was playing Starcraft at the college.




Our group has slowly grown with some new members and we are looking to grow the quality of the membership some more.  As such I have arranged some business cards to promote the group to arrive shortly which I will use to help get more awareness out there of our group.  It would be great to give out a few to all our regulars as well to give to people they think might be interested.

I am looking to have another invite games evening for a bigger game or two on the 15th April.  Stay tuned for more info.

School Holiday Gaming

As at the last two school holidays we will be looking to do some gaming up at the Paraparaumu Public Library, most likely on the second Monday, and maybe the Tuesday.  If you would like to play games, want to get your children involved or are at a loose end we would love to see you.


Gordon & Ann


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